domenica 3 febbraio 2013

Contesting gender norms in (post) revolutionary Egypt

Un interessante call for papers dalla mailing list di NextGenderation: "This interdisciplinary panel aims to provide insights into the gendered dynamics of (post) revolutionary processes. Since the ousting of president Mubarak, February 2011, a new public sphereand political arena has opened up in which the meanings of politics, secularism, citizenship, religious authority and gender systems are continuously contested. Gender issues that have been subject of debate and controversy concern the spheres of public/political protest, violence and repression, bodily presence and visibility. New articulations of gender norms have come to the fore during the constitution drafting process and in debates over family law. For this panel we welcome contributions that focus on contestations and shifts of meaning concerning women within the wider framework of Egypt s political transition processes whilst taking into account the geopolitics of economic and cultural globalization. We are interested in questioning how understandings of gender relations have been transformed or affected. To what extent and how do new political powers and changing power balances affect women? Do these new political actors reconfigure or re-envision concepts of gender or gender justice? Vice versa, we are interested to explore how gender informs larger political struggles. How do women shape postrevolutionary processes? In what manner do controversies concerning women?s actions and bodies relate to discussions on secularism and citizenship? The general aim of this panel is to render visible the gendered dynamics of Egypt's postrevolutionary processes. We aim to identify and specify expressions of the transformation of gender concepts or the invention of new ones. Please send a minimum 300 words abstract to An Van Raemdonck and Monika Lindbekk by Saturday, Feb. 9 2013"

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