sabato 19 luglio 2014

ZapruderWorld / Online il primo numero!

Online il primo numero di ZapruderWorldThe Whole World is Our Homeland: Italian Anarchist Networks in Global Context 1870-1939, la nuova rivista legata al progetto Storie in Movimento di cui qui in Marginalia si è già parlato più volte (qui, quo, qua). Di seguito una breve presentazione a cura della redazione, da far circolare per mari e monti, thanks //Zapruder World, a digital, open source, thematic, international journal dedicated entirely to the history of social conflct is now online ( with its inaugural issue on "Italian Anarchist Networks in Global Context:1870-1939." The second issue, entitled "Transformations without Revolutions? How Feminist and Lgbtqi Movements Changed the World" is under way. Upcoming themes and calls for publications will be announced regularly. Everyone is invited to not only contribute but also to participate actively in this project. Zapruder World is the brainchild of the now international network of activists and scholars called Storie in Movimento (SIM). We imagine Zapruder World to be a digital journal and a network of historians and social activists spread through different places, countries and continents, which will explore the many forms of social conflict and reconsider the notion of social conflict itself. In so doing, our aim is simultaneously to transform the way we look at history, the way historical research is organized, and the way historical knowledge is transmitted from one generation to another. Please circulate widely! ZapruderWorld editorial board

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