lunedì 23 aprile 2012

Femminismo e marxismo / Call for papers

Di seguito il cfp per il panel Feminisms and Marxisms all'interno dell'Historical Materialism Conference, 'Weighs like A Nightmare' (SOAS - Central London, 8-11 November 2012), giunta quest'anno alla sua nona edizione: A new generation of anti-capitalist feminists has emerged in the last years across the world. Though not without tensions and disagreements, these new feminist currents have been in constant dialogue with different traditions of Marxism and the Marxist critique of political economy in areas ranging from social science, philosophy to art history. With the aim of providing a space for this dialogue, the 9th Historical Materialism conference in London welcomes presentations exploring the synergies between the feminist and the Marxist critiques of capitalism in their various articulations.Paper proposals (between 200 and 300 words) should be submitted by registering at before 10 May 2012.
 Submissions will be peer reviewed. Please be aware that the conference is self-funded therefore we are unable to help with travel and accommodation costs.Themes of particular interest for the conference include:Marxist and Socialist feminism in the 21st century - The critique of the political economy of sex work - Autonomia and Feminism: A legacy? - Intersectionality theory and Marxism - Feminist and Marxist critiques of liberal feminism - Queer studies, LGBTQ and Marxism - Feminist and Marxist critiques of gendered labour exploitation - Feminist and Marxist critiques of racism and Islamophobi - The political economy of gender and carceral detention - Feminism, Marxism and art theory - Women's collectives and the contemporary art world - Feminist, Marxism and the visual cultures of globalisation - Gendered international migrations - Commodification of care - Social reproduction 

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