martedì 11 dicembre 2012

Homonationalism, Sex, and Disability: Pinkwashing and Biopolitics in the Middle East

Segnaliamo, da NextGenderation, questa conferenza di Jasbir Puar che si terrà il 17 gennaio 2013 al Dipartimento di Gender Studies della Queen's University, che in effetti - vista da qua - è quasi dall'altra parte del globo, ma in ogni caso ecco un abstract: // This presentation will survey recent debates on what has been termed pinkwashing: the use of gay rights by the Israeli government to deflect attention from its occupation of Palestine. Instead of reproducing a queer exceptionalism – homonationalism – that singles out homosexuality as a particular facet of state control, Jasbir Puar argues that the practice of pinkwashing should be situated within a broader biopolitics of state control that invests in a range of bodies and bodily habits. The focus will be specifically on the use of disability as part of a biopolitical assemblage of control that instrumentalizes a spectrum of capacities and debilities for the use of the Israeli occupation of Palestine //

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