sabato 13 giugno 2015

The Second Volume of “Zapruder World” is online!

The Second Volume of “Zapruder World” is online! Transformations without Revolutions?: How Feminist and LGBTQI Movements Have Changed the World. Table of Contents: Sabrina MARCHETTI, Vincenza PERILLI, and Elena PETRICOLA (Editors of the volume) Introduction Barbara BIGLIA and Dominique GRISARD If I can’t dance, it ain't my revolution": Queer-Feminist Inquiries into Pink Bloque's Revolutionary Strategies Norma Claire MORUZZI Gender and the Revolutions: Critique Interrupted Valeria RIBEIRO COROSSACZ Feminism and Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean Silke HEUMANN Gender, Sexuality, and Politics: Rethinking the Relationship Between Feminism and Sandinismo in Nicaragua Cesare DI FELICIANTONIO Liberation or (Neoliberal) Freedom? Exploring the Evolution of Lesbian and Gay Urban Spaces in the Global North Peter DRUCKER Gay Normality and Queer Transformation Elisabetta DONINI Feminism, Science, and the Feminist Critique of Science Emilie BRETON, Sandra JEPPSEN, Anna KRUZYNSKI, and Rachel SARRASIN Anti-racist, Queer, and Radical Feminisms in the Quebec Antiauthoritarian Movement Elena BIAGINI Family Problems: Debates over Coupling, Marriage, and Family within the Italian Lesbian Community, 1990s Eileen BORIS Afterword, or Dreams of Revolution The volume is accompanied by a selection of digital sources and documentation websites, as well as downloadable images and publications that relate to the theme of this volume. These sources are organised in the sections TODAY and YESTERDAY For more information about the Zapruder World project, please visit our website Like our FB page: Follow us on Twitter: @zapruderworld

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