mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

Zapruder World / Reminder

Call for Articles: Transformations without Revolutions? How Feminist and Lgbtqi Movements Changed the World, a special issue of Zapruder World: Transnational Journal for the History of Social Conflicts edited by Sabrina Marchetti, Vincenza Perilli and Elena Petricola.Zapruder World is a new online open­access journal run by the network of activists and scholars, both academic and independent, that has gathered since 2002 in an organization called SIM­ Storie in Movimento, and publishes the Italian journal Zapruder. This new editorial project stems from our desire to broaden, at a global level, the scope of the organization and of its publications. It is guided by the same principles that have inspired SIM so far, namely direct participation, self­ funding, and horizontal decision­making.The aim of Zapruder World is to create a wide arena in which to exchange critical knowledge based on both individual research and collective elaboration. The journal focuses on social conflict paying particular attention to conflicts as movements rather than focusing on their resolutions, so as to better connect the history of social conflicts with current transnational cycles of protest. It therefore uses ‘social conflict’ as an interpretative category rather than simply an object of analysis, exploring it through concepts and methodologies that address the complex interaction between the “local” and the “global”. Zapruder World is animated by an aspiration towards “global history” but intentionally leaves its actual definition, contents, and methods open for discussion. Along these lines, this second issue entitled “Transformations without Revolutions” wants to discuss the kind of politics that feminist and lgbtqi movements have created from the 1960s to the present, in their critical approaches to the private/public dichotomy, embodiment and sexuality, as well as to power relations... More

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